Day 2

Hi ya, good morning.

just as i promised – my weight this morning is 220- so i’ve lost 1lb so far- nice!

I will be recording my weight every morning till 31st of july as that’s one of the things Dr Stillman recommends –

I’ve also been living my faith as it helps me stay on course.  whatever works for you guys – ‘TBOTL’ it’s the best soul, spirit and body fuel- hola if you’d like to know more about this.

Stay on Top

Love x


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It’s ‘D’ day. Wahoo! How do I feel? Really ok; just taken things easy

 I had cottage cheese and a slice of chicken for breaki – at 10am

It’s 12pm and I’ve just had 2 slices of chicken- I’m not that hungry but I had to have it cause it’s cake day today @work- and I needed to have something munching so I thought-why not my lovely jolly skinless organic chicken –

Ok back to work till 2:30pm.


Its 16:47pm- I’m feeling good- not had much water to drink though-  I should be having 8-10 tall glasses a day, I’ve only have 2 glasses.

 I’ve had a successful 1st day-Thank God. Now the big challenge is doing well when I get home –I have no tempting ready-made food –so it should be ok-

I did it- had chicken thigh soup and a soda-non caloric carbonated – and water.

Will check my weight in the morning.

So happy first diet day. and i’m wishing everyone doing the challenge a success too.

Love x


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Shopping Day

Hello people, (anyone…someone)

It’s sunday the 27th and i’m of to the shops to get my diet food for the week. i think weekly shopping on this kind of plan is sensible .. ‘yes a Plan’ …calling it a ‘plan’ is better than calling it a diet so, from now on it’s Dr Stillman’s Quick weight Loss Plan, cause that’s what it is , ‘a plan’ .

Anywayzzz, in case you’re not familiar with Dr Stillmans Plan, let me just say i can only have certain kinds of protein foods as listed on the QWL page;

Chicken, Turkey, beef, lamb -all lean skin off and no form of oil, butter or any fat should be used to prepare this. All lean  fish, eggs; again without any fat. Cottage cheese and other cheeses made with skim milk ( no whole milk). At lease 8 glasses of water daily-absolutely essential(10-ounce glasses).coffee,tea- no cream,milk or sugar. You may use non-caloric sugar substitutes to taste. Enjoy all the club soda, vichy, and non-caloric carbonated beverages you wish, as often as desired. The 8 glasses of water are in addition to what ever drink from the list above. may use salt,pepper,garlic,cloves,thyme, other herbs and spices, tabasco sauce, horseradish, ketchup. no cream or oily sauces or dressings should be used. no mayo, no salad dressings, no oils, no fats.

That’s basically it. Remember i’m not doing this forever but the challenge is till 31/07/10 – to take off most of the weight quickly and then start his combination plan. Will i be watching my weight forever? Yes i will, i guess we all have to at some point or the other – to keep healthy.

So i’m off to my local Sainsbury’s and butcher, i don’t have much to buy as you can see on the list. It’s a lovely summer morning so i’ll just take my time.

I’ll be going to a barby.p later on as my friend has just graduated from medical school and we’re throwing her a surprise barbie party… that should be fun..Hmm!! well i don’t start till tomorrow so i can relax a bit  or don’t you think?

Have a fabulous sunday people,


ZaraBrand:-) 🙂

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Zarabrand’s Blog

Hello World!

 It’s the 25th of June -my one month wedding anniversary ( it’s quite strange cause i hear so many times women say how men forget important dates and yet my husband was the one who reminded me today was our one month wedding anniversary!! Do people even celebrate that??? Well we are. I think we have every reason to, especially if you know our love story- not to worry i’m not about to get into that here.

Back to the subject- I start the quick weight loss diet challenge on the 28th of June and i’m just getting my mind, soul, body and kitchen ready for the challenge. I’ll be blogging my journey everyday. Now here is the hard part…

I’m 5ft 10ins and weigh 221lbs as of today. I really don’t want to go down the lane of telling you how much i used to weigh, but it was definitely less than that. Lets just say i was a national sprinter before an injury- but that’s like given a nice acceptable excuse for gorging down excess calories my body did not need with little or no form of exercise- hmm! now there! That’s being too hard on myself; anyhow, i just want to say -this is where i am today and i can work on becoming healthier day by day, thank God for Dr stillman.

My Goal-

 I am going to reach my ideal weight and start sprinting again. I am going to be an advocate of health. 

(I have the original copy of his book which i bought in 1995 from a library sale in Africa- so i will be posting lots of articles from his book and if anyone would like a full copy of his book let me know- it’s so worth the read).

According to Dr Stillman my ideal weight should be between 135-150lbs- so i guess i should be aiming for the 150 and then work down to 140-145 which i will be very happy with.

clothes-wise i wear size 14 on top and 16-18 below- uk sizes. My goal size is 10-12 -uk size- but really i just want to aim for the healthiest size that will allow me to train and regain my speed. sound familiar?

Today i’m clearing out my fridge and cleaning my house- one thing i can’t stand is a messy house. No excuses!

Bye for now!

Love x x x 


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Hello world!

Welcome to Dr Stillman’s Diet Club!

 The prime aim of this blog is to take that weight off you quickly, and then to help you stay slim, healthy, and attractive. Here you’ll learn exactly how in clear, simple, proved ways never told to you before.  You can achieve your desired weight reduction, no matter how many times you may have failed up to now. You’ll find great support, monthly challenges and success stories.  Here you will feel the true spirit of Dr Stillman’s diet and succeed where others have failed.

Dr stillman created the Quick Weight Loss Diet and the combination plan because his overweight patients needed this specific help. They had never succeeded in reducing on ‘regular balanced dieting’.

I urge you to get started now on this diet. Everyday that you delay and keep or increase that excess poundage is impairing your appearance and your health,and is endangering and shortening your life. Overweight is a kind of death for almost everyone, slow for some, quicker for others.

When you have got down to your desired ideal weight and figure with this method, have a checkup by your doctor if you didn’t consult him at the start. This will be valuable reassurance to you that not only didn’t the dieting impair your health, but that you’re in far better condition in every way. Of course you’ll know this already thanks to the wonderful difference in the way you feel and from the compliments you get on your improved appearance.

The first challenge starts on 28/06/2010- 31/07/2010. I recommend that you join the challenge. It’s your decision. go to The Quick Loss method page to get the diet instructions and rules.

‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. (F.D Roosevelt)

Dr Stillman’s Diet Club

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